Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hacked off

Yes, I'm still here, that little thing called life getting in the way again, tut tut. Hopefully, more regular blogging will resume shortly. Well, as regular as I can make it.

Just a quickie to show you a little bargain that I took a chance with and won *punches air*.

I found this tweed jacket in a charity shop about two years ago, for the rather large (in my opinion!) price of seven new pounds. But it is actually a proper hacking jacket made by the english company Mears for the country-tweedy-riding-hunting type set. I admit this bothered me a lot and I hummed and haa-ed in the shop for yonks before deciding that what the heck, it's just a jacket. I  can't hold it responsible for what it may have seen if you follow my point and drift?



And it has obviously been well used over the years but with plenty of life left in it...good old tweed!
It has a rather lovely shape with the one split up the back (for sitting atop horsey)  slanted pockets and a flattering nipped in waist. Miracle of miracles, the sleeves also fit me perfectly which never happens, except with vintage garments. It had a little pilling, nothing I couldn't 'shave' off and the elbows are a tad stretched out, I would guess from always being worn with the elbows bent, holding onto the reins. But otherwise it seemed in great condition.

It also has a rather nice blue/brown mix. So, I wore it a couple of times and then I suddenly saw something I hadn't before. There seemed to be some pale brown stains which were only apparent in certain light. And if I was squinting. So, it went back in the wardrobe and there it has hung ever since...until a couple of weeks ago when having a bit of a purge I came across it once again. Well, it was either send it back to the CS or chuck it in the washing machine and hope for the best. So that's what I did! But not before spraying it with nasty old stain remover (in for a penny etc...) I popped it in on a wool cycle and crossed my fingers. An hour later out it came, smelling a lot sweeter for a start! And seemingly the same size as when it went in. I hung it on a hanger to dry and it wasn't even creased!

Just to prove I am a real person! Although I'm obviously a wonky person too. I've just realised this is actually not a good picture at all. I look very 'hippy'. I'll blame that on the thick cable dress I'm wearing. The jacket fits very well, honest!

Was it worth it? Some of the stains have disappeared and the others are a lot paler. I think I can only see them now because I know where they are.

Moral of this story: never trust a charity shop for a start, trust your own eyes. I like to think I check everything over very thoroughly but I still cock up sometimes. I was a bit peeved as it was bought in the Lake District, otherwise I'd have taken it back. The things I've seen on CS clothes and I'm sure you have (human and animal) food, vomit etc...There was a time when they cleaned everything before it hit the rails, do they not do that now? Anyhow, it turned out alright in the end. By the way, please don't go chucking all your garments, vintage or otherwise in the washing machine will you? And if you do, don't blame me if it all goes horribly wrong! After all, I had nothing to lose in this instance.


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