Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Picture perfect

I thought it was time I shared a few thrifty finds with you and realised as I was looking through my photos that I seem to have found a lot of pictures lately and most of them share the same theme...
This tiny embroidery was just 50p at the Car Boot sale.

This one was a boot sale find too but a tad dearer at £2.50. It has a lovely tortoiseshell frame.

The pair below were £3.00 (for both) I'd like to think this will be me in my dotage but somehow probably not!

There is a cottage in this one. It's just to the left of centre beyond the lake and all those lovely bluebells.

I've hung a couple up next to my other cottage-y pictures and so it looks like a new collection is starting...

I do think pictures with a similar theme look striking when grouped en masse, don't you?

And still with cottages I found this charming butter dish in an antique centre for £1.50. The chap behind the counter thought the (handwritten) price was £7.50. I insisted £1.50 but when I got home I started to think it could have been £11.50!! Either way, a bargain.
The little sign says 'Fox and Hounds' (and look...there's a hound in the garden!) so it's actually meant to be an Inn but...

...the other side is indeed a cottage with (what else?) red roses 'round the door.

Back to pictures and this lovely Victorian print was £3.00 at another boot sale. It was absolutely filthy but a good clean of the glass and some wax on the frame and it's come up a treat.

It's called 'Young Dreams' and is all original. I've hung it over my fireplace as a change from the mirror that's usually there. It really seems to have warmed the room up.

This afghan was purchased for the website but somehow it's found a spot in my living room and seems firmly stuck there!

Aren't those colours just wonderful?

This little beaded Bluebell was 50p...

...as was this leaf arrangement which is strung with thread.

As part of my present this last Christmas A gave me this lead farmers wife (as I like to think of her!) and her little flock of chickens. At a recent boot sale we found the sheep and goat for 50p...I suspect that was a bit less than A had to pay!

I love the way they're all rubbed because they've been so well played with.

This crochet book is brand new and was a few pence because I can never have too much help! I've actually started knitting again which is something I have done before (unlike crochet) but I hadn't had a go for years and years; since I was at school. I'm always coming across cheap second hand needles on my travels and the house is quickly filling up with yarn so it seemed silly not to. It does mean that the crochet is on the back burner for a bit though while I rediscover the joys of knitting.

And finally, the first vintage children's book I've bought for myself in MONTHS! I couldn't say no to one with such gorgeous pictures, could I?

Just look at that 'phone! I have one like it but in black. I do know where I could lay my hands on a green one just like that picture but it's several hundred pounds...gulp!

I've put some new items in the Vintage Value category on the website today and a new upload of other stock will be coming in the not too distant future.