Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I'm feeling very proud of myself this week because I've (finally) learnt how to crochet. Yay!

OK, I admit I've mastered foundation chains...as you can see! Doubles, ok, trebles...hmmm. The rest, I'm hoping will follow. Although, that said, I'm struggling with increasing and decreasing. No matter, the main thing is, I actually had a go and I can't quite believe I taught myself from a book without having to resort to classes, although that's mostly because there aren't any around here. It would be good to ask someone's advice when I get stuck though...somehow, the book's don't help a lot with that.

Now, I've started, I can't stop. It's the most addictive thing I think I've ever done! Even A had a go but sshhhh, we're not supposed to mention that.

Don't expect to come anytime soon and find me knocking out a kingsized 'granny squares' will you? I'll potter on at my own pace and just enjoy the getting there I think. If you've visited before you probably know how much I love crochet and have a heap of lovely blankets and some super cushions around the house. I'm quite giddy just thinking of all the lovely things I might (that's a big might!) be able to make.

There is more new stock uploaded on to the website today....a little taste of which is below.

(SOLD ~ thank you!)

(SOLD ~ thank you!)

(SOLD~ thank you!)

Now excuse me but the crochet hook is a-calling! TTFN