Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Car boot treasures and new stock

Before I start waffling I must say a couple of thank you's. Firstly for the kind anniversary wishes I received. And also to all the people who have so kindly purchased from the website just recently. I've been extraordinarily busy and it's all done to these lovely people so thank you! I hope you're all enjoying your vintage treasures as much as I love finding them.

Now the car boot season is in full swing I thought I'd share some recent finds with you. Most of these were just a few pence.

Always on the lookout for old frames I spied the two above...they don't look much in this picture but are actually quite decorative. Those and the tiny picture and the beads came from the same seller. He's not there very often so I like to fill my boots as they say down our way. The reason is...everything is 50p. But not 50p per item. No, 50p for three or four things!

So, I had the frames (filthy!) and the tiny picture (likewise!) in my hand and made the mistake of picking up the bag of beads and admittedly only gave them a cursory glance before putting them back on the table. But Mr Ten Bob (showing my age) won't let you get away with that you see. He thrust it back in my hand..."look at that, all them for 50p. You can't go wrong" etc...etc...So I ended up with something I didn't think I wanted but then I got home and actually looked at them properly and they turned out to be a nice lot of old beads, mostly lozenge and twisty shapes in very pretty colours...probably 1950's.

So when I saw another little bag of beads for 10p this week I had to buy them. Lovely jade green and yellow aren't they? It looks like I can add jewellery making to my very long to-do list.

The tiny picture is a real hand painted oil. The frame was so dirty I didn't even notice that two of the corners were broken but who's so pretty.

The harbour scene was also 50p and although the frame has a bit of damage I knew it would look right at home in my little summerhouse. I'm not trying to go for a seaside theme but it does cry out for that sort of thing with all the white painted wood!

I love this green enamel shabby! It is getting harder and harder to find the coloured ones so a good £2 well spent I think. I might put plants in it...or maybe put it beside the fireplace with logs in... At the moment it's holding my driftwood. I love the contrast between the green and the cream inside.

I had to buy the little vintage caravan being a caravanner. Ours is a little bit more luxurious than this I hope! And the printers '&' came from our friend mentioned above.

The three Ladybird books were 10p each.

A bit tatty but such wonderful illustrations. Being very fond of my garden birds and particularly robins I was especially pleased with the Wise Robin. It's all go on the baby bird front here but that's another story.

Finally, I was over the moon to find this for a £1. A genuine Edwardian photograph of our village pub!

A new mount and a makeover for the frame and it will have pride of place somewhere in our home.

Not surprisingly, it doesn't look as lovely as this now!
There is new stock listed on the website today...including some lovely childhood treasures.

(SOLD ~ thankyou!)

(SOLD ~ thankyou!)

I'm off now to keep a date to keep with a song thrush. He (or she) seranades us every evening with his beautiful song from the highest tree at the bottom of our garden and it's wonderful.
See you next week.