Friday, April 24, 2009

George, Bill and me

I'm sure everybody was celebrating St.George's day yesterday (no?) Were you also aware it was Shakespeare's birthday? I'm sure you were. But another much, much more important happening also occurred on the 23rd April... it's my wedding anniversary! My seventh to be precise. It's seven whole years since I walked down the (very short) aisle to marry my Mr. Wonderful in the beautiful surroundings of Traquair House in the Borders. Please excuse me while I enjoy a slightly self indulgent post.

Traquair is the oldest inhabited house in Scotland and is lived in by a lady Laird (if that isn't too sexist!) and her family.

This is the tiny chapel where it happened...I'd like to be able to remember more about it but I can't. I was sick with nerves. And there were only eight people there. Including the bride and groom. I did enjoy belting out those hymns though. I drowned everybody else out... I love singing hymns and carols!

The still room in the Georgian (they call it the modern!) part of the house is used as the guests breakfast room but sadly my husband had to enjoy his 'full Scottish' all on his tod as yours truly had partaken of a little too much of the bubbly stuff the night before and wasn't up to it. Bless'im!

It was a magical place for a wedding and is a fascinating house for a visit. It's so steeped in history; indeed the history of Scotland itself. The family were sympathisers to the Jacobite cause and the Bear gates at the entrance to the castle were closed behind Bonnie Prince Charlie. They will not be opened again until a Stuart retakes the throne! Hence, you make your way in by a side entrance. They also have their own brewery and I can tell you from much experience...the Bear Ale is wonderful!

I'd like to be able to say I spent my anniversary back at Traquair but alas, no. Instead we made the trip to one of our favourite places, Norwich and one of our favourite restaurants to enjoy (in my case) Bean Enchiladas, Rhubarb and champagne trifle and a large glass of organic white (just the one, honest!) Still, a perfect day with the one you love can be enjoyed anywhere doing anything I always find. It's the being together that's important, yes?

I can't quite believe where seven years of married life have gone or indeed seventeen years of 'us' but I do know I wouldn't have missed a minute and I'd do it all over again like a shot.

I hope you're enjoying being with whoever you love right now.