Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Thorpe Camp

Another summer weekend, another 1940's event. This time quite close to home at Thorpe Camp. (Blogger does not want to do this link. The address is www.thorpecamp.org.uk).

At least the weather behaved itself this time!

Thorpe Camp was attached to the nearby airforce base at Woodhall Spa where amongst others, the famous 617 Squadron, The Dambusters were based.

There were the usual displays and re-enactors.

...as well as some vintage cars (sadly, not a great amount and a couple that dated to much later...odd!).

There are displays aplenty in the visitors centre itself...

(sorry about the reflection ~ these things are always behind glass...grrrr!).

(parachute silk wedding dress).

...and the great thing is that the entrance fee is still only £3.00 even for the 1940's event!

Although there were some shopping opportunities I have to say that I was not mightily impressed. They seemed to be heavy on the repro (not always a bad thing I readily admit) but also too much 'vintage style' that in my opinion could be had via any charity shop for a lot less money.

Mr. TVL did pick up a luuurvely pair of vintage shoes from someone selling the genuine article though.

I think it's very important we support these attractions to keep the memory of the war alive for future generations.

(Oops, forgot to say, new stock coming to the website v. soon!).