Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Rain stops play

For some time we'd been planning to visit the annual rally of the Lincoln Vintage Vehicle Society, held at Lincoln Castle.

Although the day started with glorious warm sunshine (at least on the coast, where we are!) by the time we arrived in Lincoln the heavens had opened and the rain didn't stop pouring down all day.

Still, we'd driven there especially to see vintage cars and vintage cars we intended to see! Even if it did mean wearing an old jacket of A's that's kept in the car for emergencies (like this). It might be eight sizes too big for me but wearing it was preferable to catching pneumonia as I was only dressed in a skirt and short sleeves!

(Despite lightening up these pictures afterwards, the day was so dreary that it didn't make much difference, hence the vintage effects to make the best of a bad job!)

No apologies for all the E-type pictures! I always have to be dragged away from them.

If I ever bought one (yeah, right!) it would be this colour, Primrose, or maybe Old English White, or red,or British Racing Green...

Beautiful Armstrong-Siddeley...

There were some lovely old commercial vehicles too. I'd catch the bus if it looked like this.

No, not a Mini, but a Riley Elf. Isn't it cute? We almost bought one of these once but while we dithered it sold!

We're very fond of Austin's and Morris's especially these lovely little things, Austin A30's. There were about half a dozen lined up. We have our eye on one of these and the great thing is, it'll fit in our garage!

More beautiful Austins of the 30's/40's....Also on the wishlist! I felt for the poor people showing their cars here. They must have spent all evening leathering off the rain. The joys of owning a classic car!

While we were there we took advantage of being inside Lincoln Castle to have a look around (and dry out for a bit) Now, there's not really much to see at Lincoln Castle. It's a good idea to walk around the walls in good weather and there's what remains of a Victorian prison and that's about it. Don't expect Warwick!
The prison is interesting and this is my favourite item in it, a stuffed lurcher in a glass case. It looks just like our Tara, albeit a different colour. Sometimes, she looked a bit like she'd been stuffed because she didn't move for hours. But that's usually when she was in front of a fire/lying in the sun/under the duvet in bed....