Thursday, May 21, 2009

May....oh my!

I know I'm not alone in thinking May is probably the best month in the garden. Everything is just bursting into life. Then there's the trees, hedges and grass that aren't just green, but GREEN if you know what I mean!

Looking at other bloggers lovely garden pics this week reminded me that I hadn't updated my garden diary for a while. I don't know if I'm the only one to do this but I find it invaluable to keep a digital record, if you will, of the plants in my garden at certain times of the year. It's amazing to look back at the same bed or border this time last year or see where I've put the wrong colour plant and work out where it will blend in better.

So, I grabbed my camera and off I went for a stroll around my garden and oh, how I enjoyed it. So often, we just forget to stop and appreciate all the fruits of our labours don't we?

Perhaps you'd like to join me?

These pansies were half price outside Homebase and I had to have them...I've never seen these shades before.

More bargain pansies...a rougue yellow one has slipped in there somehow!

I do love my Lupins...

There are Blue Tits nesting in the box!

Lovely apple blossom this year and lot's of it...that means lot's of apples later on.

Even the Cow Parsley over my hedge is looking extra frothy this year...

And I've even got some floral beauty in the house as my Mum gave me these wonderful scented Stocks this week...although look where they ended up. I think they look rather lovely sat on my 20p embroidered cloth from the car boot sale! And this way, Flo doesn't get to chew on them...

Uploading these pictures last night I was kept company by the singing of my little Thrush friend. "He sounds very close tonight" I thought to myself. And so he was...sat right at the top of one of the conifers that's just a few feet away from my kitchen. The evening was drawing in so apologies for the darkness of the picture although if you enlarge it I think you can just about see his speckledy chest.

I'm off to the Car Boot Sale tomorrow...yippee! It had better be a good one as I can't go next week; haircut time - again! Where does six weeks go? Apparently we're all in for a 'scorcher' of a Bank Holiday. Oh, I do hope so, don't you?