Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I've been tagged...

by Sairer so here you are...

What was I doing ten years ago?

Living with (but not yet married to) A in Mansfield, Notts and selling lingerie (I think) Doing crafts in my spare time and selling at fairs. I was living in a wonderful 1930's semi with all it's original features that we restored but awful neighbours. One of the reasons we moved...

Five things on my 'to do' list today..

Weigh and pack some old tat for Ebay tomorrow.

Plant out some leeks, caulis and broccoli my Dad gave me last week. It's thrown it down for two days so great timing!

Housework - Ironing, hoovering, cleaning bathroom (does that count as one thing?)

'Burn' some cd's for playing in my 'new' car (not new but new for me!) Never put the originals in the car since A had his car stolen with all his fave cd's - including most of his Led Zep collection. Very bad.

Watch Brief Encounter. A is away on business so I can indulge in the Rachmaninov and weep in peace. I got the DVD for 10p at the car boot!

Five snacks I enjoy...

Only four..Houmus and rice cakes. Or oatcakes. I've never tried it on a bagel Sairer.

Nuts. That is peanuts (unshelled) cashews, pinenuts.

A nice strawberry yoghurt

A slice of bread or toast and, not butter, only flora I'm afraid.

They're the ones I allow myself. What I would like to eat is a different matter! G & B choc, homemade cakes & biscuits, Kettles chips, salted peanuts.

Things I would do if I were a millionaire...

Move. To a big old country house (but not too big) it would have to be untouched ie: not 'modernised', my most hated word in the english language!! Flagstone floors, old range, inglenook, sash windows, stable door, ancient wiring, dodgy roof, no heating...hmmm. A few acres for all the rescued chickens, geese, ducks, donkeys, goats, greyhounds and cats. I could afford personal tuition for learning to swim, ride and play the piano. Employ a cleaner. Collect classic Jaguars and Aston Martins. Spend my days buying antiques, reading, listening to music and my hobby would be restoring period houses (properly) and renting them out. That way nobody could come along and ruin them. Buy a holiday home in Vermont. Or Cape Cod. Heck, I'm a millionaire, I'll buy both! Give away lots to charity - mostly animal ones. Sort the family out (that sounds like I'm going to hit them!)

Places I've lived...



London (various)




These are the main ones. There's lots more but they were mostly for a limited time. I was a Nanny for many years and did a lot of temping.

If you've stuck through all that rambling...well done! I'm not passing on this tag because everybody I wanted to tag has already been..well, tagged. And now the sun has come out so I'm off to plant that veg...