Friday, May 29, 2009

A hint of Summer....?

It's been glorious here today. I think Summer's arrived! (Oh dear...I've probably jinxed it now)
Apart from the sunshine I always feel like Summer's here when the first rose opens and lo and behold today was the day. It's a beautiful climber; I can't remember what it's called...Madame de something or other. Anyway, it's beautifully scented.

When the weather perks up I feel I can start wearing more frivolous things like my new red shoes. Do you like them? They cost an astronomical £10. Yes. I know!!! I do like the fashion for ballet pumps...I've never really done heels....I'm far too clumsy; I've always been worried about breaking my neck (or at least my ankle) And I do like to be comfy. Alas, they are leather and I try really hard not to wear it. Handbags...easy-peasy. Shoes? Well, there are websites selling non-leather shoes but I find most of them either make you look like a docker or the prices are out of my league. The search continues....

Summer of course means lovely seasonal English (perhaps I should say British) food like Strawberries, and a bit later Raspberries. I could eat both until I was unwell! I bought these in Sainsburys this week and thoroughly enjoyed eating them out of a bowl, unadulterated. No cream or sugar for me. I think they're just so tasty anyway, they don't need anything else.

I've also been enjoying English asparagus and Jersey Royal potatoes this week...together!! Sublime.
There is new stock on the website today including the items below.

In the very near future I'll be adding a new category to the site called 'Vintage Value'. In it will be items that have perhaps a bit more wear than normal or maybe something won't be quite as vintage as the usual items I sell but all will be at great prices. I've deleted my blogshop as I never seemed to have time to update it and this category will sort of take over from that. It will be much easier for me to add items as I'm working on the site anyway.
Enjoy your weekend...Summery or not!