Sunday, September 23, 2012

Vintage Pop-Up Shop

I'm having a big ol' clearout and you're invited! We're calling it the Vintage Pop-Up shop just because it sounds better than Clearance Sale or something equally boring. If you are interested in coming and dragging along some poor unsuspecting mates/family/stangers off the street, please email for address and directions ( my garden, hence why I'm not splashing the venue all over the internet) By the way, we are in the back of beyond on the east coast of Lincolnshire so not very accessible for most I know but if you do trip along we'll be mighty glad to see you and very appreciative, honest. It's over two days the weekend of the 6th and 7th of October and lordy, I hope the weather improves by then otherwise we'll all be squeezed into my kitchen. We have a gazebo but it'll take off if the wind and rain is anything like today. There'll be a wide range of vintage, you know the sort of thing ~ linens, pictures, china, kitchenalia, books, furniture, clothing, accessories etc...etc... I am at saturation point and need to 'thin' so I can buy more, ha! So, hope to see you then and er, bring cash! Ooh, I've just managed to insert this...progress!