Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ding Ding! All aboard!

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend... and we have another to come!

We had an unusually packed time {for us} catching up on chores {yuk} as well as lots of cycling, a bit of car booting and on Saturday we celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary with a wonderful meal here. I also received this little beauty from my husband. Sometimes, he can take a hint ;-)

This was followed on Sunday with a day out at Crich Tramway Museum's 1940's event.

This called for top to toe 1940's togs of course.

{ No, this isn't me although I wouldn't mind her 'garden!' }

I got to wear these sandals that my wonderful husband treated me to recently and only when I got home did I realise that everything I had on was american in origin. These lovely sandals were from Sears.

We had a great time, so much so that I now have a husband who wants his own vintage wardrobe! Speaking of which there were lots of lovely vintage shopping opportunities. I could have gone a bit mad with all the wonderful clothes for sale but I only came away with one dress.

Crich have another 40's weekend in August if you're interested in going. I hadn't visited since I was very small so it was nice to be reminded what a great place it is for a visit and there is of course so much more than the last time I was there. It really does transport you back to another time. And you can have as many tram rides as you like!

Here are a few more pics which I've made suitably vintage looking with my new toy!

We both love vintage cars so spent quite a lot of time drooling over these...