Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Meeting the locals...

One of our favourite pastimes when on holiday is being out and about, getting off the beaten track and 'communing with nature' as t'were. The funny thing is, on our recent holiday to Norfolk all our feathered friends you see here (and one hairy one) were practically begging to be photographed and in very accessible places too. Seems it is true that you don't have to go far to enjoy wildlife. Plus it means I don't have to rush to buy that huge lens!

Now you see me... you don't!

(It's a marsh harrier...honest!)

We seemed to be being followed all week by a robin...I'm sure it couldn't be the same one...

This pair and their friends announced (loudly) their arrival outside our door on a regular basis. A mad scrabble for the breadrumbs always ensued!

Next time...nice places.


There are lot's of new items over at This Vintage Life right now and also a few new bits in Vintage Value.

Pleeease...will somebody give this wonderful 'granny' a home before I squirrel it away with the rest of my collection? It's just glorious!