Monday, July 28, 2008

I don't like Mondays. Oh, and it's Sale time

The Summer Sale is now on in the shop. There are many items reduced, some by half price. If you like vintage and have a minute to spare, you may like to take a look.

Like the ninnie I am I forgot to pass on the award from my last post. Well, having had time now to think about it and also look at other blogs it seems most people have had this one. So..I'm bending the rules (or actually making up my own) and not passing it on although if there is anybody out there who hasn't received it please, be my guest...consider it awarded. Everybody deserves it anyway don't they? It would be too hard to choose a few.

Where did this glorious weather come from? It's almost too good to be true. Summer finally seems to have arrived. It makes you just want to run outside and enjoy every second before it disappears again in a haze of drizzle. So, that's really what I was doing over the last few days...just mooching about at home but more particularly in the garden, taking time to smell the flowers (literally), watch the busy insects flitting from one plant to another...and listening to all the traffic going past the house! Well, we do live on the coast road..if you want to get to Mablethorpe, you have to come past us. Actually, it's not as bad as that but the motorbikes can be a pain. I can't tell you how relieved we are come October.

We just lolled about reading, listening to the wireless long into the evening and eating...what is it that makes food taste so much better out of doors? I made these yummy kebabs for the barbie... only a disposable one, who wants to clean a barbecue! Just lots of chopped veg (the courgettes are mine, I can't take credit for anything else) and in this case some gorgeous 'tofu rosso' which is tofu that's been infused with all sorts of lovely things, although you don't have to use it of course.

Marinade for an hour (or more) in a mixture of olive oil, lemon juice, chilli sauce, soy, herbs, seasoning...anything will do, I just make it up. A couple of sausages too...well, it is a barbecue.

(Oops! Sorry dear, this one just slipped in)

It's not like us at all to just sit in the garden...I always seem to be working when I'm out there, always so much to do. We did pop out on Saturday to the car boot but oh my goodness, what a washout and for once I don't mean because of the rain. Just a few books was my tally.

I did buy an old mug tree for 30p to hang my new mugs on as I don't have an inch of wall space in the kitchen on which to put some hooks. I gave it a quick coat or two of paint and some roses (of course) and I think it will suffice until I find a better solution.

Good weather also meant a bath for Jack...he was overdue I can tell you! He didn't seem to mind...I was a bit concerned as he can be an old grumpy pants about some things but being a spaniel he should love water. I suspect he knew he couldn't escape with those rubbishy legs of his!

('scuse yours trulys pins)

I also finally got off my behind this week and did some sewing which if you knew me better you would know I do not do lightly. It's not enthusiasm (there are sooo many things I want to make) or ability I lack (I'm not's just a machine!) but application.

Anyway, much wrangling with the sewing machine later and I had turned out a quantity of lavender bags...a couple of different designs. These ones are made from vintage emboidered linens and are finished with vintage buttons. I like them and I hope you will too...they will be available in the shop soon. I've feel I've got my sewing mojo back and I want to keep going before I mislay it again!

This week is going to be hard enough as it is without getting up to a kitchen full of dog wee and a chair covered in cat sick...yes, both these delights were awaiting me when I got up this morning. And it didn't stop there. I was hanging washing out this afternoon (another summer pleasure) when I was stung, I think by a wasp. There's a wasps nest in the lawn and I was standing about three feet away from it so it's a fairly safe bet that's what it was. I went to grab my peg bag from the line and 'Ouch!' or expletives to that effect.

(courtesy of google...I didn't hang around long enough to get it's picture)

Maybe I should have listened to my Dad...he suggested blocking the hole and then in the evening when they're drowsy (presumably from all that stinging) squirt some wasp killer down into the nest. But, you see I have an absolute abhorrence of killing things...especially just for the sake of it. I was standing there only the other day admiring them flying in and out so assiduously, keeping old Queenie in, well... whatever it is Queenie likes, thinking 'ah, the wonders of nature'. I can assure you I wasn't saying that when I was rushing to the chemist in agony. It's all my fault anyway...I was reading that wasps are attracted to bright flowery things, so you see if I had a nice modern peg bag instead of that vintage flowery one this wouldn't have happened!

I arrived at the chemist expecting some some help and advice only to come up against a surly Pharmacist who was as interested in helping me as I would be in a pound of pork chops...

"The cortisol cream is better than the antihistamine cream (and dearer) and you should take an anihistamine tablet as well, just to be on the safe side".

I was starting to get a bit worried as my arm had gone numb up to the elbow and I'm on my own tonight as A is away on business so I was ready to be talked in to anything. I think everything had gotten on top of me by this stage and I found myself driving home in floods of tears, worrying whether my tongue had started to swell up. I'm ashamed to say it, but that's what I did. I wasn't crying because of the sting (although it blinkin' hurt) but because I was upset about it if that makes sense. "Grow up" I said to myself...if only it were that easy. And all I could think about was "that's eight quid I won't see back". I just felt a bit lost...I have no friends or family near me and A is away and I was a little bit scared. It made me realise I have nobody to turn to when things like that happen. I'm blessed with a lovely, caring husband (it was he who insisted I go the chemist) but he's not around all day...and some nights.

Oh, hark at me! I always try hard to keep this blog well, you know...light and frothy, that is - no doom, gloom, moans, groans or self-indulgence but I guess we're all allowed one digression from time to time. And I will be glad when this week is over, mostly for A's sake.

You probably all now by now about the Vintage and Handmade Fair that Jayne and Michele are organising. I am too far away to take part, more's the pity (thanks for thinking of me anyway Michele!) but I am happy to help the cause, hence the ad on my sidebar. If you're lucky enough to be near by, do try and go along.