Monday, August 18, 2008

The end of summer (and a blogshop!)

Sorry I slipped off the radar there for a bit but I am here...just. It's been one of those fortnights (or is it longer?) so forgive me if this post is shorter than usual. Normal service will (hopefully) be resumed soon. Anyway, apart from being just generally busy I've had a few other things occupying my time. My Mum was rushed to hospital urgently after being constantly sick and with pains in her chest. Luckily (!) it turned out to be an inflamed gall bladder and gallstones both of which were whipped out sharpish. But that sort of thing takes the wind out of your sails a bit doesn't it? And I'm a two hour drive from my parents.

She's home now though and on the mend... get well soon Mum! I've been trying to cheer myself up by watching Pride and Prejudice. It's eluded me at the car boot sales but beyond measure! I found it for £1. Yes, £1 !! Now, call me a dashingly, romantic, sentimental old soft-heart (I'm paraphrasing Miss. V. Wood there!) but there's no better way of spending a pound that I can think of. And it's just as wonderful as I remember it the first time round. Now. Should I tell you....? Hmmm, I suppose we know each other well enough by goes. I don't watch television. There! I didn't intend to mention it because it usually shall I say? A varied reaction to say the least. But hey... what the heck!

Why? Well, I don't want to offend anyone that loves their fact if you do...good for you! But we found we were just watching less and less or should I say we were watching more and more stuff we actually didn't want to watch and I started thinking 'would I miss this if I never saw it again?' and 'surely, there's a much better use of my time?' (and money) Now I don't know how we ever found the time to sit in front of it for 4 or 5 hours a night. And that's the trouble. It's habit. Or it was for us. It went on at 6pm whilst I was making dinner (watching The Simpsons...I still miss that!) and it stayed on until we went to bed. Even though most of the time we looked at the paper or flicked from channel to channel and couldn't find anything we really wanted to watch. So back went the licence and now we just enjoy what we really want by renting or buying videos and dvd's. And I miss...nothing. Well, alright..just Gardeners World. And Homer. But I can rent him! The first question people usually ask is "what do you do instead?" but it wasn't difficult for us as we're both big readers and we were keen to read more. I can honestly say it's the best thing we ever did and I can't imagine ever having it back again.

Well, if you're still with me after that (!) I'm very chuffed to say lovely Michele at Cowboys and Custard has given me an award. Thank you for thinking of me Michele, the feeling is mutual. I'm quite new to Micheles blog (I know!) but if you've been in outer me obviously...and you haven't seen her blog, you must visit.

I would like to pass this award onto the following whose blogs I love...

Sairer, who not only has a lovely blog but left my first comment and encouraged me to carry on blogging when I was thinking of stopping (and makes me laugh)
Steph whose blog is always a lovely read.
Funkymonkey whose blog I always enjoy but I don't even know your name!
Catherine whose trials and tribulations with her house I can fully empathise with!
Lesley a newish blog I am enjoying and Carol who I've also only just discovered (what am I like) but has such a nice blog I'm going back through all her posts. You know you've found a good one when you want to do that don't you!
Over to you ladies...please pass it on if you wish. Apologies if your mantlepieces are groaning even more now!

The view outside my window is changing rapidly at the moment....when these start to appear I know the end of summer is upon us! It always makes me a little bit sad to see the combine harvesters in the stop Autumn. One day the wheat is gently swaying in the breeze.....

...and the next it's been annihilated and the baler is busy with what's left. Before you know it, the stubble is ploughed in and the field replanted for next year. Now, that really does look wintry.

I also went slighty mad recently and bought a new bed. (with the full backing of my husband I can assure you) In fact it was more A's idea than mine! I hadn't really been looking to buy a bed you understand but we saw this little beauty on ebay and thought 'that's too good to be true!'. So we bought it. I'll show it to you in situ another time.

Finally, it's the last few days of the sale in the shop and I'll be trying to list some clearance items over the next couple of days. Off to the Post Office now with some orders. I think I'll be running between the raindrops!

**I have today opened a little blogshop where I'll be offering for sale a few bits and pieces that I've come across on my travels. I'll try to keep it to inexpensive things...hopefully under £5.00 or so and the price includes UK postage. Just follow the links on the sidebar. Don't forget there is a wide range of homewares and collectables to be found at the This Vintage Life website**