Monday, June 16, 2008

Website news...

There is new stock listed on the website today and hopefully another lot very soon (if only there were 29 hours in a day!) Below are just a few of the items...

This item is sold

And keeping on the subject of all things vintage, I was quite pleased with the bits I hunted down for myself this week... A couple of 1920's books which were from different sellers but only when I got home did I realise they were by the same author ~ spooky!

I love this chololate box...probably Edwardian maybe earlier...the inside of the lid is decorated and has the price displayed for sitting on a shop counter. Amazingly, it still has it's paper lace trim inside.I like to feel I'm liberating items like these from an uncertain future! And only 50p.

The same goes for this Tiddleywinks game...the box is very battered and there are some counters missing (tiddleys or winks? I'm never sure...) but it is so attractive displayed on a shelf and still has it's little bakelite cup. Another 50p well spent!

The two chick egg cups were a whopping £1.50! But so cute and very could I say no? Nice seller too which makes you part with your money a bit easier although I am a tough negotiator! I don't know what I'll do with the Prices birthday candles but I love vintage packaging and it's full...

My best buy though had to be this 1960's dolls house furniture. The cooker comes complete with roast chicken (don't tell Betty!)

I've had a dolls house for a while..a birthday present from A, but I've been in no hurry to furnish it. Proper vintage furniture is so expensive but I knew I would come across something like this eventually. I just love the house as an ornament in it's own right really without worrying about what's inside. This was it decorated at Christmas complete with tiny tinsel!