Monday, June 23, 2008

Big skies, biscuits and Betty...

I'm sitting here munching on one of these scrummy fork biscuits and patting myself on the back (metaphorically speaking) for landing such a lovely husband ~ for 'tis he made these. A doesn't do a lot of cooking, and even less baking, being the busy executive-about-town that he is (heehee) but when he puts his mind to it, he's just as good as moi. Well. almost. I don't want him getting big-headed.

I have been tagged by Steph to share the view from my kitchen window. I have a window and french windows in my kitchen so will show you both. I hope this isn't cheating.

This is what I can see from the kitchen window above the sink.

Basically, on the horizon about six miles away as the crow flies is the sea. There's not really much between us and it. The picture below is a bit further to the right. The hedge line is the road and the cottage to the right of the picture is my nearest neighbour on the opposite side.
I do know how lucky I am to be able to look out at this every day and never take it for granted. I actually spend far too long gazing at it! It and the garden are the two reasons we bought this house. Oh, alright. The price helped.

This is the view down the garden from the french windows. It is a very expensive view. When we moved in the only window that looked out on the garden was the spare bedroom. Hmmm. So, three years ago we had a new kitchen and utility room built and from the french windows I can see the whole of the garden which I love. I was going to take down the washing line and props and wind up the hose but as these are always out that wouldn't be true to life.

This is looking slightly over to the left. Broken lupins ~ again. Were we the only ones to get atrocious wind yesterday? The garden looks like a tornado has hit.

Betty always has to get herself in the picture.

I feel I should perhaps explain about Betty. We're not the sort of people who cruelly keep one chicken on it's own for the sake of it. We started out with two - Miss Babs and Miss Berta (Acorn Antiques for anybody who doesn't remember)

Babs was Betty's breed (leghorn hybrid) and Berta was a Rhode Island Red hybrid. She had beautiful blue feathers. We lost Babs very soon after bringing them home. I won't go into that now. So we got Betty as company for Berta, by this time Bertie. To cut a long story short we lost Bertie early last year. She got ill and nobody seemed able to help (I mean Vets) All chicken keepers learn to self-diagnose and treat and there's no wonder when you put one in front of a vet and see their reaction. I can't write much about Bertie as it still upsets me too much. She was the most adorable little creature I have ever had the good fortune to share my home with. But where Betty is virtually bomb-proof, Bertie was very sensitive. She would rather be in the house with us than outside and would stop eating if we went away. In short she was a constant worry but I wouldn't swap the short time I had with her for anything. We thought about getting another chicken to keep Betty company but she does seem fine on her own and is used to being handled (I even give her a little kiss ~ I can't believe I've admitted that!) and loves coming in the house so she doen't lack for company.
Although I would love a garden full, I won't be having any more chickens until I can find a vet that really does know about domestic ones. So if anyone knows a good one in Lincolnshire give me a shout...

I would love to see the view from these lovely ladies kitchen windows:

The car boots were rained off again this weekend so we spent a few hours wandering around one of our favourite antique hunting grounds. I treated myself to this teeny tiny Barbola mirror. I just couldn't resist as I have never found one this small (about 3.5" tall) although I've collected them for years. It's damaged and the glass isn't great but who cares?