Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vintage Books: The Caravan Family

If you've been here before you may know of my love of vintage children's books.
I only recently acquired 'The Caravan Family' (last year maybe?) but it is definitely one of my favourites.
I have some pictures of a beautiful vintage caravan to share with you but as these photos were all ready to go I thought I'd post these first to whet your appetite!

The book, by Blackies, is in an annual format and dates to the 1930's. There are 24 beautiful full colour plates by Raymond Sheppard as well as many black and white illustrations.

It's the story of three siblings, Patsy, Tony and Paul, their terrier-cross Colin and of course their parents, Mr & Mrs Reed and their adventures on the open road in a green and cream (what else?!) caravan.

It's a charming story full of the innocence, not only of childhood but also of the era generally when having the use of a car, let alone owning one was a huge, exciting adventure. Those were the days when you could take off with no idea about where you might spend the night, perhaps just stop at the side of a road or ask to pitch up in a farmers field.

It was not called the 'golden age of motoring' for nothing!

What I would give to get my hands on a similar caravan (and car!). And don't you just love the way that standards were maintained, even on a caravanning holiday? It's a tie, trilby and jacket for Dad, a lovely frock and heels for Mother and much the same for the children, because, well, there was no alternative!

It all just makes you yearn for a simpler time, doesn't it?

1930s childrens annual

1930s childrens annual