Thursday, May 16, 2013

A New Wardrobe the Vintage Way

Well, not quite but it still gives me a little thrill to find bits and pieces to add to my wardrobe in charity shops or at car boot sales and the like.
Here are a few things I've found on my travels of the last few weeks. I wouldn't say they were all as cheap as chips but I still consider them inexpensive especially compared with buying new. And of course, it's highly unlikely you'll bump into anyone else wearing/carrying the same item and that's priceless!
vintage handbags and tweed hacking jacking
Brown handbag & Harry Hall hacking jacket (yes, another!) ~  Antique centre
Crocheted bag ~ CS

Vintage shoes ~ antique centre
(like new, need breaking in!)

vintage cat-eye glasses spectacles
Glasses in original case from local Optician ~ CS
(just awaiting lenses)

vintage 1950s ladies umbrella
Vintage brolly ~ car boot sale

vintage toffee tin and vintage camping stool
Toffee tin & camping stool ~ Antique centre

I know the last two aren't wardrobe related but I don't buy much for the house these days (honest) so I thought I'd throw them in. I find lots of tins and never keep them but I really liked something about this one. Maybe it's because the toffee was made at the Garden Toffery!
And the little stool is something I've been after for a while for using in Mozzie. Admittedly, I haven't got very far down the list of things I want but most will turn up eventually!
I've been playing about with layouts etc...on here but I'm not happy with it. Plus, some text has disappeared from the sidebar although it's there in the admin! Back to the drawing board....


Almost forgot, there's new stock on the website right now.