Friday, December 03, 2010

Winter wonderland

I know it causes chaos but it's still beautiful!

There doesn't seem to be any surface that hasn't got a dusting...

Part of our little pet cemetery :-{

Look at the colour of that sky! Can you see our little robin friend right in the middle? One of two we have visiting. Don't forget to keep feeding our feathered friends, will you?

I've finally succumbed to the trend for 'fashion wellies' after only ever wearing green gardening ones. According to my (old rocker) husband these are my Motorhead wellies. They have 'spades' on them. Ace of Spades.

Even Bettys home has a mini snowdrift...

...hence why we have had a chicken living in our kitchen nearly all week. She's comes out of the eglu in the morning and straight to the back door and doesn't leave, under protest I might add, until it's time for bed! To be fair, there isn't much for a chicken to do when all the lawn and borders are covered with snow. And she is still in moult. Well, only just. She's at the 'flapjack' stage meaning she's dropping piles of skin everywhere.

I've added new items to the website this week. My sincere apologies if you're waiting for your order to arrive and it hasn't. Interesting that I managed to get to the Post Office {about a thirteen mile round trip down country lanes} to send them out this week but the Royal Mail weren't collecting or delivering at our depot as of Wednesday. I also haven't had any post delivered all week so I'm afraid you may be waiting some time yet. The story is similar with the courier company that I use.

We have tickets to see Madness in Leicester tonight but whether we get there is another matter!
I shall be very disappointed if we can't as I was a HUGE fan thirty {gulp!} years ago and have never seen them.
Lets all hope the thaw is on it's way!