Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Merry Kitschmas

As well as a fresh Christmas tree in our living room every year, we also have our little kitschmas tree in the kitchen/breakfast room. Why Kitsch?

Well, it's artificial. It's dressed with coloured lights. And most of the decorations are a little on the retro side of vintage. Do I care? Pah! It's Christmas. Maybe I should bung some tinsel on there too!

Meet disco Santa...

Disco fairy...

and disco pixie...

...and their friends.

By the way, I hope you remembered to get up early for the eclipse, unlike me. I have been enjoying some fantastic moons this week though. Not long after I took this it disappeared into the clouds for the rest of the evening. It was very large, very golden and very spooky!

Hooray for the Winter solstice though...that's the shortest day over with so Spring's just around the corner. Isn't it?