Friday, June 12, 2009

A 'pew' with a view!

I'm not often in my garden at 7am but this morning was a good morning to break the habit! It was (and still is) glorious...the birds were singing, the sun was warm and the traffic noise was nil.

So I hung out some washing and then sat back and enjoyed the peace and quiet and the view from my little summerhouse (for a very short time...too much to do, look at that almost empty veg patch!)

I was doing my viewing from the comfort of my vintage cane chair. I can't believe I dropped on a pair of these...just the thing I've been after and soooo comfy. Apart from the great design they have feather filled cushions as well you see (I only allow myself those because the poor animal they came from is long gone)

Anyway, it was very difficult to drag myself away and inside to the computer to tell you that there is oodles of new stock listed on the website today. I'm trying to send out the newsletter but my email is playing up so my apologies if you are usually one of the recipients. I'll keep plugging away throughout today! My grateful thanks once again to customers old and new for giving me another busy month. I really am most touched when someone buys a little bit of vintage loveliness from This Vintage Life. I'm not fibbing when I say that everything I buy for the website is so difficult to let go of because I only buy what I love! To discover that other people love these things too is the icing on the cake.

(All below are available now...except the cane chairs!)

Maybe just a bit more of this before I start work I think...