Friday, June 05, 2009

Friday is a day for...

Listening ~

to my lovely new digital radio.
Tutting ~

at Betty's mucky bottom!
Loving ~

all the cheerful yellow appearing in the garden.
Playing ~

with another charity shop ball of wool and a 20p booklet courtesy of the car boot sale.
Ooooohing ~

at the bees collecting pollen.
Ahhhhing ~

at all the chicks growing up fast and...
Feeding ~

said chicks!
Admiring ~

my favourite vintage find of the week and...
Feeling ~

pleased that my hatstand has finally got a hat!
Thanking ~

Hannah for honouring me with this lovely award.
Washing ~

four little vintage rugs.
Realising ~

I have to pull my finger out and plant up more hanging baskets before my plants do all their flowering in the greenhouse.


Groaning ~

because I've got lot's of this to do today ;-)