Friday, March 20, 2009

Vintage bit's and bob's...

I don't do much 'car-booting' in the winter. My favourite Saturday morning boot isn't on from October 'til April (the 4th...only two weeks to go...woo-hoo!!) and the nearest one is nearly an hour away but we recently ventured up there on a cold but fine Sunday. I was quite restrained actually and only bought a couple of bits including this French storage jar, minus lid. For 50p I couldn't leave it behind could I? It's so pretty, and useful.

I'll probably end up putting paintbrushes in it...I have a lot of paintbrushes. I find it a bit ironic that it's 'sucre' as that's my foodie achilles heel so to speak. I tried it give it up in the New Year (pah!) then for lent (hasn't happened) Any tips? I've tried those yakky replacement doo-dahs by the way...didn't work!

Anyway, I digress...a few weeks ago, I bought this little old picture frame for £1. It was filthy and forlorn, stuffed away at the back of a dealers space. Why do they do that? Clean it up, put a picture in it and you'll get more for it! I always jump on old frames 'cause you never know when they'll come in useful.

This is a case in point you see because at the car boot I bought this religious print. Another £1 bargain! If you've been here before you'll know I love these pictures...always so beautifully executed. And I was looking at it one day...and then at the frame and I realised they might just fit together nicely. In fact they're a perfect fit!

You could say 'a match made in heaven' (groan)

I also got this lovely hellebore for a few pence. Car boots are great for plants.

I only have a white variety so this will look great alongside it....such a pretty colour. Talking of pretty things (oh dear, it's bad today isn't it? I really must stop it) there's more new arrivals on the website today.

Ooooh, this clothes horse is so gorgeous I could...well, I don't think we'll go there, ahem. What a colour though.

Enjoy your weekend. I'm going to be making more of these...

...and doing lot's more of this. I shall need the sustenance as the garden is a-calling once again...