Thursday, September 25, 2008

A tag...and a bag

I've been tagged by Debbie to reveal to you lucky (!) people six quirky/strange facts about myself, so here goes. I hope these are quirky and/or strange enough for you Debbie. But I doubt it!

1. I have a qualification in Interior Design but I've never used it professionally, so if anybody's interested....!

2. One of my decoupage pieces was once published in a book. This book. And they didn't even pay me. Just sent me the book. And it's not even a very good book.

3. I have a pathological aversion to feet but once seriously considered becoming a they say, go figure! Actually, it's just human feet, apart from babies feet which are quite nice. Animal feet; I love. I have no hang-ups about them.

4. When I was ten a nice young chap very kindly removed several teeth for me...using a see-saw. He was a friend of my friends brother, Tina Green. (Tina, where are you now?! ) I never liked the see-saw. I must have known something like this was waiting to happen to me. I was more of a slide and swings kinda girl. Anyway he was giving Tina 'the bumps' and told me to get on and have a go. I agreed but only if he didn't give me the 'bumps' and you can guess the rest. I went up in the air, the see-saw went down and we met somewhere in the middle. More specifically, my jaw met the wrought iron handle from which my white knuckles had to be prised. When I turned up at home with a handkerchief over my mouth my mother removed it and immediately had to sit down on the back step feeling faint because I looked like I'd been in a car accident. One tooth came clean out at the scene of the crime (as it became known) root and all. I still have it! And the worst part of this story is that my two front upper teeth were my second teeth that had just come through. I wore a denture for fourteen years (a very bad one) until a nice dentist took pity on me and I had a very expensive six part bridge fitted. I used to dislike going to the dentist with a passion but after all the hours I spent having fittings and temporary crowns (they fell out if I opened my mouth) not to mention having my teeth filed down - I got over it.

5. I am such a stickler for grammar and punctuation that it takes me hours (and I do mean hours) to write these posts. It's not been helped by the fact that I recently read (and absolutely loved) Eats, shoots and leaves. That book was written for me! I have re-discovered the semi-colon...and I love it! I also realised (happily) that I have retained a lot more information from school than I thought I had. Which is good. I also refuse to trust spell-checkers, preferring my own ability and the good old Oxford English Dict. I'd thoroughly recommend Eats, shoots and leaves by the way. It's funny and educational!

6. Now it's getting hard. Erm....I can't swim, but I love water and I'm a cancerian. Will that do? It'll have to!

I've just realised they're not very strange or quirky at all...cripes, I must be very dull. Something that isn't dull is my new bag. Do you like it? I think it's raaaather snazzy. It was made by my very talented friend Hen to match my winter coat. Where on earth do you get brown velvet ric rac for heavens sake? I never knew such a thing existed!

And now I'm going off at a complete tangent to have a bit of a rant so forgive me. I just read this very morning that the powers that be at the BBC have deemed it necessary to produce a new adaptation of Little Dorrit. Why????????????? Leave it alone! This is one of my favourite books so I do have very strong opinions about it. If you want to see this wonderful story superlatively brought to the screen, go buy this version which cannot and I emphasise cannot be bettered. It is sublime. It is being released on dvd to coincide with this new version I guess and is available to pre-order. Hmmmm, I think that may go down on my Christmas wish list...

(darn, the link won't work but it's available at amazon)

And finally, just because it's the sweetest thing I've seen in a good long while and actually bought a tear to my eye, I wanted to share this picture with you. My husband sent it to me this week.

It's a rescued ex-battery girl that someone at an animal shelter knitted a little jersey for because of course they usually have very few feathers. Maybe I'll get Betty one for when the moult starts!

To illustrate just how sad I am when it comes to spelling/punctuation (see above) I realised I had used 'bought' instead of 'brought' and have spent all day flapping about it until I could get to the computer and correct it. Do you think there's a clinic somewhere...?