Saturday, September 20, 2008

Ta Da!

And the winner is.....Mary Poppins ~ practically perfect in every way!

Email your address details Mary and I'll get your bits off to you asap. Well done!

I was so flabbergasted at the amount of people who entered my little giveaway that I drew two 'runners-up' out of the pot so if A different Era and Kim will kindly let me have their details I will send you each a copy of Romantic Homes or Country Living...your choice. If you'd rather not, just let me know and I'll keep on drawing until I find someone who wants them!

Thank you so much to everyone who left a comment for the giveaway...I'll try and do another one soon.

Apologies for the slight hiatus there; not intentional I can assure you. Went to bed Monday night, fit as a flea, woke up Tuesday feeling like death warmed up and have spent the remainder of the week having a very close relationship with the bathroom. It's only today I've felt a bit more like a member of the human race again. Mind you, it's a quick way to lose half a stone (yes, really) So....once again, I am thanking people for their kind get well wishes. Aren't bloggers thoughtful? I think A is rather chuffed with himself because he managed to write half a dozen lines of a post and now it's 'his post' and 'his comments'. Oi! Get your own blog matey!

Back soon x