Friday, July 11, 2008

Hurrah! Holiday time...

Apologies if this is all over the place but I'm writing this in a rush as I'm supposed to be getting things ready for going away tomorrow and instead I'm catching up on reading blogs..tut, tut! As I type, I can hear an irate husband approaching...
It's also my birthday tomorrow. I won't tell you which one...suffice to say, they don't make me go 'yippee!' when they roll around anymore. I just feel a bit umpty about it but it'll have gone by Sunday I'm sure when I'm sat sipping a large G & T in the Norfolk Broads and trying to avoid getting sunburnt (some hope)

It was rather a large one last year and now it just seems like it's all downhill from here on in. Oh dear... moaning minnie is starting to make an appearance in this blog and that's not good. My lovely husband is taking me out for a nice meal here on Saturday so it's not all bad.

When you're feeling a bit down, something nice coming through the letter box is always guaranteed to cheer you up and so it was when this cushion cover arrived yesterday all the way from South Africa, courtesy of a lovely lady on Etsy (now there's where I could spend serious money!)
I'm trying to tone down the flowers a bit (who am I trying to kid) and I do have a soft spot for crochet...unfortunately, I'll never be able to make anything like this myself, so it's a good job that someone else can. I've tried to get some vintage ones on Ebay but they always go for too much money. Now I just need a round cushion pad...

Everthing is reaching it's peak in my are a few of my favourite things at the moment..

This rose is beautifully scented..someone planted it near the septic tank..I'm not sure if there's a connection but they shouldn't erm..smell! The rose is lovely anyway.

Another gorgeous scented rose that was living in an old barrel when we moved into the house..always a good doer.

This apricot rose has a scent like grannies talcum powder.

The colours of this Achillea and honeysuckle compliment each other so well as they clamber up the garage wall intertwined... The achillea came from Tissington nursery in the Peak District...such a pretty village. I love that plants can remind you of places and people.

I grew this penstemon from seed but can't remember the variety! Looks lovely next to the hardy fuschia. I know fuschias are old-fashioned... but I like them anyway.

This patio rose is called Danny Boy which is appropriate as I'm half Irish.

My big head got in the way of this shot!

The hollyhocks are just starting to flower..I love them, they're so big and stately but do tend to take over. I had to pull several out last year which has left me with some bare soil that I'm trying to fill!

This hemoracallis is one of my favourite plants in the garden..such beautiful colours. It's in what I call my Barnsdale bed as several of the plants in there came from er..where was it..oh yes, Barnsdale! Go if you get the chance, it's lovely..I'd thoroughly recommend it.

I'm sure everything will be different in just a few short days...

By the way, please bear with me while I conduct my little experiment...that is the playlist. I'm undecided myself about music on blogs but I thought I'd give it a whirl...of course, if nobody visits, it's coming straight off! Obviously, This Vintage Life will be unavailable until the 20th but then normal service will be resumed...

I'll leave you with this little print of a verse I bought recently (for 33p!) I think it's worth remembering... Have a lovely weekend x