Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello, my name is Jack...

...and I'm eleven. I have 'borrowed' Mum's blog today because I thought some nice people out there might be interested in my story and how I came to be living where I am now in my safe and loving 'forever' home.

For a long time I was a busy working dog in a place my Mum calls Ireland. I don't think I was ever what's called a pet. I worked very hard and then one day when I could work no more my owner decided that instead of trying to find me a nice retirement home, he would just leave me chained up outside. I had a makeshift shelter and my bed would get very wet. I have something wrong with my legs now called arthritis and I heard someone telling Mum they think it may have been caused by lying on this. I don't know how long I lived like that but one day when I was nine I was rescued and brought over to England by some nice people called The Oldies Club.

Mum says they are a charity (whatever that is) and they help older dogs like me who need a new home. I thought I had found my forever home when a nice lady took me in and I lived with her for a year. Then unfortunately, she got poorly and could no longer look after me and so had to give me up. I was soon on the move to a foster home. I was very fortunate to be looked after by the Oldies Club as they put all the dogs they're trying to help into lovely, comfy foster homes and not kennels. All this upheaval is not good for an old chap like me but within a couple of months Mum and Dad saw me on the Oldies website and thought I sounded just like the sort of dog they wanted. (They had rehomed two ten year old dogs before so knew what they were taking on!) I've only been here since March but I think I might stay...

Apparently, they weren't planning on having another dog for quite a while after both of theirs went to somewhere called heaven last year but they just couldn't resist my handsome face. So here I am in my forever home at last! Mum says I will never have to live anywhere else again. I am a very lucky chap ~ I have everything I could want now. A comfy, warm bed that's all mine and I'm never hungry or cold or lonely. There is a nice big garden for me to sit in and I have my own toys to play with.

I even love going for rides in the car. I have two new friends called Betty and Flo but they don't look like any dogs I've seen before. Betty tries to pinch my biscuits....

Tess and Misty visit sometimes but although I like them they're not too keen on me. Women!
This is me with them and my 'Grandma'.

I can't walk very far but I still try and follow Mum everywhere even if it's from one side of a room to the other. I like to make sure she's not going to leave me. Mum waves at me a lot as I am almost completely deaf and she says I also have something called a heart murmur. I make sure I am a good boy and I hear Mum tell everybody I am no trouble at all. Of course, I'm a bit set in my ways. I don't like having my feet wiped very much and I don't like anybody trying to touch my food. I'm also not too keen on having my photograph taken which is strange considering I am such a handsome boy! I also don't like men as much as ladies but I think Dad understands.

(I spend a lot of time doing this)

I am lucky to have found my forever home but there are still a lot of oldies like me who haven't. Apparently, we are not wanted as much as cute, cuddly puppies but I'd say we are easier to live with. We know everything we should know like where to go the toilet (not in the house you know) We will give you extra love because we are so grateful to be taken in and we don't ask for much, just a warm bed, a bit of food, the odd short walk and some company. We might even be able to play ball with you! So if you are thinking of adopting a rescued dog (Mum says they are the best kind!) then PLEASE consider rehoming an oldie. Get in touch with the Oldies Club ~ I'm sure they will be very happy to hear from you. Tell them Jack sent you. Thank you for reading my story, love and woofs, Jack xx