Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ups and downs...

Which says it all really! Despite being knocked (almost) sideways by a bad cold this week (by the way, why does that happen when you're supposed to be having a few days off?) I still managed to grab a few nice things in between sneezing fits. Some will find their way on to the website but some are definitely keepers!
The eiderdown and cushions (amongst other things) will be available very soon.

Having recently laid a new floor in our living room I have been looking quite assiduously for a hearthrug, assuming it would take forever. But sometimes luck is on your side and so I was really pleased to find not one, but two vintage hooked rugs this week! The flowery pink one with roses will be staying but the other is destined for the website. They are both in such good condition and lovely and soft - they had even been washed which has saved me a job!

As you can see, Jack took a liking to it straight away!

Wednesday was our wedding anniversary and so myself and the better half spent the day in the lovely city of Norwich. We are normally in Norfolk for the week at this time of year but a various set of circumstances meant we were unable to go so we had to content ourselves with lunch in one of our favourite restaurants, Pulse Cafe Bar (http://rafflesrestaurants.co.uk/) and some shopping. There is an antique fair every Wednesday in the cloisters of St.Andrews and Blackfriars Hall (http://norwich1.com/st_andrew.htm) which yielded another religious text for my growing collection. The dealer actually had about 10 of them - all different and I was tempted but no, I didn't succumb! Besides I just haven't got the wall space. My other half (I can't keep calling him that - let's say A) collects vintage cufflinks so we were chuffed to find this mother-of-pearl pair for a couple of pounds. They get worn every day so a useful collection and they don't take up much room either!

We had a lovely day despite the rain setting in during the afternoon and always enjoy a walk up/down Elm Hill with it's beautiful timbered buildings and interesting shops.

Unfortunately things went downhill a bit from there as my cold got worse and I spent Sunday under the covers. Then yesterday I dropped my camera on the (tiled) kitchen floor. Now this would be bad enough EXCEPT! I did exactly the same thing about a year ago. It was on. The lense was out. It is as they say, kaput. So. I am now trying to find a replacement and get it here asap. And I did want to share a picture of the teeny baby bunnies that were playing on the garden last night as the sun went down but it wasn't to be. Ho hum....