Sunday, May 26, 2013

"What DO you eat?" Day 8

Yes, I know there's only seven days in a week but I started a day early so you get a bonus day!

By the way I'm adding my pictures to the VegSoc's Flickr group called appropriately enough 'But what do you eat?' Even I found it fascinating to see what other vegetarian's eat (I only know one other and I live with him!) so it was comforting to know that we do eat a lot of the same things.

Hope this week has helped some people understand us a bit better. That makes us sound like a different race but sadly sometimes we're made to feel like that!

I've just realised I've posted eight different meals here and NO LENTILS! They're one of my favourite foods too. A cliché I know but somebody has to uphold the tradition don't they :-)

vegetarian chickpea burger
Home-made chickpea burger in a soft wholemeal roll with salad leaves, cheese and in my case, ketchup! Cheap, simple, quick, delicious; what more could you want?

vegetarian chickpea burger
Burgers just out of the pan (although you could bake them too) Chickpeas tend to make a very soft burger with a tendency to fall apart but who ever said food has to be pretty to taste good?