Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Arrivals at This Vintage Life

The virtual shelves have just been heavily replenished in the shop with the usual homewares but also a quantity of vintage clothing.
I decided I'd better do something about selling them as the pile was increasing and space is always at a premium here at TVL Towers!
Although I don't go out specifically to buy vintage clothing to sell on, I just can't help falling over things sometimes (not literally) and my magpie/bargain hunting instincts just won't let me leave them behind. So, I hope you find something you like or maybe you know someone who likes vintage clothing and you can point them in the right!

As I hope you know by now, the prices are reasonable and the quality good. As usual, I've tried to give as much detail as possible regarding the garment and particularly the sizing but any questions, just give me a shout.

This Vintage Life has also just reached a landmark birthday...we are FIVE! Thanks to all those people who visit and purchase regularly; I wouldn't be here without you.

This upload has taken a little longer than I intended due to our (yes, I'm blaming Mr. TVL as well) decision to swap from a desktop to a laptop. Arghhhh! What was I thinking? I feel like I've lost my security blanket. I am not someone who likes change. But in the last few weeks I've had to contend with a new mail system and get to grips with Windows 7....come back XP!!
All that and transferring everything over (why do we keep such utter rubbish on our computers? Or is it just me?) has meant a delay in new stock in the shop.

And just to elicit a tad more sympathy, I've also had a bad cold and terrible weather not fit for taking photographs, *cough* *sniff* etc....

Never mind, it's the first day of March tomorrow and the days are stretching so things aren't so bad!
(Oh,and  some of our Easter products are on the April cover of Homes and Antiques magazine, which is nice)