Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Seasonal Pleasures

We were lucky in our neck of the woods to escape this weeks frosts and we do seem to lurch from Summer straight into Winter these days don't we? So I say if there's a little bit of Autumn around, as there seemed to be on our recent walk, then make the most of it.

The trees do seem slow to turn this year which is no bad thing in the garden as I have mountains of leaves to rake up.

I always enjoy a spot of 'fantasy househunting' when I'm out and about, don't you? Love one of my favourite villages.

...but this is much more 'me'...

Likely to be our local vernacular building style; 'mud & stud'...

and what a location!

Don't fancy thatch?

I usually snaffle the sloes that {luckily} grow just over the hedge at the bottom of my garden but when I saw these, much riper than 'ours' we filled our boots ~ not literally but our empty lunch receptacles.

They've now been introduced to the gin and sugar...Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without Sloe Gin! I'd advise anybody to have a go if they've never made it. So simple and tastes wonderful.

Of course, Autumn also means the season of soups is upon us...hooray! This is a favourite in our house ~ Carrot & Lentil served with natural yoghurt and A's homemade bread. Cheap, filling and good for you.

Trust a chicken to throw a spanner in the works though. Betty is in moult...early. She doesn't normally start until we're into November so maybe she knows something we don't...

So the garden looks like a chicken's exploded, egg laying duties have been suspended and the sweetcorn rations have come out of the cupboard! In our house we call it the 'henopause'.