Tuesday, June 29, 2010

On me bike!

Did you know that last week was National Bike Week? Neither did I until a few days ago. I think it's a great idea to promote the benefits of cycling although I do admit I'm a bit biased as I love getting on my bike!
I recently decided though that the time had come to invest in a new bike as I was just not enjoying myself as much as I should. My old one was a mountain bike, weighed three quarters of a ton and was almost permanently stuck in fourth gear. We may not have any mountains in Lincolnshire but I still need those gears!

Now, what to choose? As much as I surround myself with vintage and have an aversion to anything modern (says she, typing away across the ether) I didn't want to make a big mistake and buy something on looks that then just wouldn't cut the mustard when it actually came to riding it. If you want to cycle 50 miles a week in a rural environment then modernity has the edge over looks I'm afraid. The choice was made a little easier as the bike shop only stocked Trek and Raleigh including this beauty. Very 'vintage'.

I was quite keen to try out a Raleigh, it being a British firm and me being a Nottinghamshire lass but I was told 'don't bother' as once I'd sat on a Trek there would be no comparison. Raleigh has been making bikes for over a hundred years and Trek for precisely 36. Who should make the best bikes? I know it probably comes down to lack of investment. Still, it makes me a little bit sad.

I could have chosen a 'vintage style' Trek...but somehow I can't see myself sat atop this pink delight!

Maybe yellow? No, I don't see it. They just scream 'six year old girl' at me. It's only missing the stabilisers.

If you're not a shrinking violet (like yours truly) there's plenty of choice colour-wise...

...particularly if red's your thing. I admit, I would be torn between red and green.

Of course, we all have a soft spot for a Chopper (ouch, giving away my age there...) I didn't have an actual Chopper but a similarly styled girly version. In orange.

Much as I enjoyed looking at all these beauties I knew that in reality I would never buy one. Although they look gorgeous, they really aren't adequate for my needs and so (after more than two hours in the shop, riding various bikes around like a maniac!) I settled on this bike. My only gripe is, surprise surprise, it's cheaper in the US. Anyway, I LOVE it!

My better half also brought home a new Trek that day but he chose a racer . It's like living with a 12 year old!

Makers of vintage style bikes include:

Information about National Bike Week can be found here.

Two final points...God made chamois inserts for a reason and at this time of year, don't ride with your mouth open. I speak from experience.


There are new products listed on the website today. Bigger upload next time!