Monday, November 09, 2009

Christmas shop open and other bit's and doing's...

Edited Thursday: There is new vintage stock just arrived at This Vintage Life too!

Although we can pretend otherwise, Christmas is fast approaching! So there are now lot's of lovely vintage Christmas goodies available at This Vintage Life. I'll be adding more in the coming weeks so remember to keep visiting. I'm really pleased with some of the items I've amassed this year including some very special old tree ornaments...but they're for later! I did intend to upload the Christmas stock a tad earlier than this but it was put on hold due to me being struck down with the dreaded lurgy last week and being fit for nothing for two whole days except staying under the covers, coughing and spluttering and only emerging to drag myself to the Doctor's. Ah, home visit's...remember those? Anyway, on the mend (cough) and nose back to the grindstone etc...etc...time, tide and Christmas wait for no man. Or woman.

Speaking of Christmas (as I'm sure we will be rather a lot now) something else to look forward to is Sloe Gin and I'm giving mine a shake on a regular basis. I'm lucky enough to have a huge Blackthorn bush growing wild just over the hedge at the bottom of the garden so have more than enough sloes for the purpose. For years I didn't dare touch them, not being entirely sure they were sloes although I always suspected it. When I found out they definitely were I could've kicked myself!

Apparently, you're not supposed to wash the sloes so I resort to rolling them in a damp tea towel which seems to work and makes me feel happier! I favour the 'popping them in the freezer overnight' method for splitting the skins. All you have to do then is give them a slight squeeze and pop!

This little fella was lurking in amongst the fruit...

One bottle of (cheap, cheap, cheap!) gin later and ta da...

Only six weeks now until the 'uncorking'.
I've been treating myself to a few bit's and pieces and pretending they're early Christmas presents (from me!) but really it's pure indulgence.

I loved the little chicken (Betty!) brooch so much I went back and bought the toadstool one.
I don't think I'll wear them together although looking at the picture above, it just might work!
I've been after a vintage watch for a while (as has A. but he's very choosy and that's saying something coming from me (!) so it's proving difficult to find one he likes) I fell in love with this little one at a recent vintage fashion fair. It fit's my child sized wrist nicely and although not real gold it is almost a rose gold colour, which I love. Modern rose gold is so brassy! It was a ridiculously cheap few pounds. One happy Deb!

Last weekend at an antique fair I found this 1950's plastic daisy bracelet for very little. I must point out here that I'm not actually a big jewellery wearer, but I'm always drawn to bracelets and brooches. And a nice watch of course. I'm not one for chains and necklaces. For some reason, they just don't seem to suit me. And neither am I bothered about value although I wouldn't turn down a nice antique diamond (hint, hint!)

And now for something completely different...aren't these skeins of embroidery wool just scrumptious? They came from a big box full at a local charity shop and were 25p each. I'm sure you know how expensive these can be, as do I, so I grabbed a handful. I was spending ages picking out colours but there were far too many! I must go back and rescue a few more...
By the way, I love the the term our American friends use for this...embroidery floss. So much nicer!

Would you believe I found these two cuties on consecutive days with only one pounds difference in price? In much the same way as I'm not mad for jewellery I've never much been into dolls or for that matter teddy bears either but I just love these. I think it must be their sweet faces and the little romper suits made of lovely vintage fabrics and look at that tiny crochet trim around their bonnets. They're actually 'squeaker' dolls so it's a good job Jack's deaf or he might think I'd bought him a new toy!

I'll be putting one on the website as it seems daft to have two almost identical. Now, which one should I keep...?