Monday, February 16, 2009

All things bright and beautiful

The natural world never ceases to amaze me. Only a few days ago my amaryillis was just starting to show it's colours...oooh...the anticipation! Over the weekend it revealed itself in all it's glory.

It was a bit of a surprise to me as I was expecting red and white stripes as that's what was on the box! No matter. I could hardly be disappointed could I? If that doesn't brighten up a drab February day, I don't know what does.

I find it fascinating that something so beautiful can spring forth from a bulb with just a smidge of compost and a drop of water. Incredible.

Later, I looked out of my kitchen window and saw another beauty. There was a hare runnning about in the field just a few feet away. Luckily, the camera was already on the tripod...

...even so, a moving hare is still a difficult thing to capture!

(click on the picture to enlarge him as this doesn't do him justice!)

Not surprisingly, I'm saving my pennies for a bigger lens!

Then off he went, haring (sorry) down the field. I do hope he visits again.

This little chap/lady is a very regular visitor. As is his/her other half. No worms or fallen seed under the bird table for them.

No, they prefer Betty's layers pellets. They're usually waiting for me to open up the eglu in the morning, sitting on the fence or the wheelie bins 'tick ticking' as if to say 'hurry up,we want our breakfast'. They're very polite though. They do let Betty finish before they come down for their share!

In the spring they'll bring their chicks to show them how it's done.

During all the recent snow, the robins were the only garden birds out and about. They just look right in the snow somehow!

Did everybody enjoy a lovely Valentines day? I was surprised by a beautiful arrangement of tulips and a gift of Penhaligons perfume. I've wanted some Penhaligons for a very long time...I suppose the hints had to sink in some day! I forgot to take a picture of what's inside the bag but it was a selection of four of their range so I can decide which BIG bottle I get for my birthday! I said I was surprised because we'd agreed not to bother with anything other than a card this year; just because we don't feel we need to really. So of course, I stuck to my side of the bargain and A ends up with a big, fat nothing! (save for a lovely card ~ thanks Jan!) Although it was a wonderful gesture, I did shout at him. For a bit.

Just what I've always wanted...perfume that co-ordinates with my tablecloth!