Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Trees, tins and fame at last!!*

(*That's Jack, not me. But more of that later! )

Things are starting to get Christmassy around here. I've being baking, cooking our Christmas dinner for the freezer and (unfortunately) shopping. But the real start to Christmas for me is buying the tree. For many years we resorted to an artificial one due to lack of space ~ and yes, sometimes funds ~ but for the last couple of Christmasses we've splashed out on a real tree. And how I enjoy the excitement of driving down to the farm to choose one! There was none ready cut that took my fancy in the barn so that meant a walk into the forest of Christmas trees to find one that came up to my exacting standards. Shame I hadn't put my wellies in the car...sea of mud just about describes it. Anyway, I finally found one that I felt I could live with ~ it can't be too broad at the bottom, due to it's position once we get it home and it has to be dense, not open. And most important of all, it has to be even all the way 'round. Yes, even though it's up against a wall and half of it isn't really on show! Picky aren't I? Do you remember that scene in 'Friends' where they're dressing the tree together and then Monica turns it around and her half is absolutely perfect? That's me! You wouldn't want to be in our house when the tree is being decorated. The air is a nice shade of blue I'm ashamed to say. It's easier to just let A do it. It's ok if someone else doesn't do it right but I'm very hard on myself!

We had an added problem this year as we only recently realised that we don't possess a practical Christmas-tree-transporting car anymore. A drives a saloon...no good at all and I drive the smallest car in the world; well, one of them. Luckily, we just squeezed it in, even though the top was tickling my face the whole way home. Good job it was only a five minute drive. So now it's residing in a bucket of water in the garage until the weekend. I've always soaked my tree for a week or so and have never experienced a problem with needle drop so I would recommend anyone to try this.
I'm very traditional when it comes to things like Christmas (what am I saying...most things!) The tree and decorations always go up twelve days before and come down twelve days after. I have put my advent calendar up though (see banner) which is a great excuse to eat chocolate everyday without feeling guilty.
I love Christmas but don't you find the anticipation and build up is the best part? After the day itself I always feel a bit deflated and sad. Never mind, another one always seems to roll around really fast.
Having been given some cash as a Christmas present I was out the door like a shot to spend it...at one of the many antique centres here. And what did I find but this complete set of Worcesterware canisters. I did have to put some to it (half actually...eek!) but I had to have it. I can't tell you how many years I've been searching for even one of these beauties that wasn't dented, scratched or overpriced, but they've always eluded me. And my next task is to find somewhere to put it...

And talking of having to have things...as soon as I saw these wonderful bit's I was smitten. You know how it is...some things have just got your name on them. This lavender sachet with the wonderful vintage Christmas image on it came courtesy of the lovely Kim...

...and the tiny skiier brooch was via the equally lovely Michele. How it's cheered up my winter woollies.

"Why are you showing us a picture of a doggy magazine, Deb?" Well, I shall tell you. I was recently contacted by The Oldies Club to ask if I was willing to take part in an article about them for Your Dog magazine. The lady that was due to take part had to pull out at the last minute and they needed someone fairly local, preferably in the county. And they thought of me and Jack. Great. But what can you do? It's for charity and a very worthwhile one at that.

I was dreading it as I HATE having my photograph taken and am certainly not one for seeking out the limelight so to speak but they were very gentle with us although Jacky (that's what I call him...it's perhaps just as well he's deaf) was exhausted by the end of it. I'm incredibly proud of him but what with this and being on the Oldies Christmas card too, I have to make an appointment to speak to him through his agent these days...

They really went to town and did a great article (we're only a bit of it!) about the merits of taking on a senior and I'm sure it will do the Oldies Club and older dogs in general a world of good. Let's hope so anyway.
You may notice I've chopped myself out of these pictures, so if you're at all curious (why wouldya be!) you'll have to go and peek at a copy of January's Your Dog, in shops now!

And last but not least, my thanks to Hen for this lovely award. I'd like to pass it on to Michele,
Jan and
Sal whose blogs I enjoy in equal measure.