Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Hooray for crochet!

Anybody that's wandered this way before will probably have realised that I have a bit of a thing for crochet. I think it's starting to become a problem. I found this little blanket at the car boot on Saturday for £1 (if only that happened everyday!) It's the green chequered edge that I loved. And then lo and behold a couple of days later these cushion covers turned up all the way from South Africa.

They are made by a very talented lady called Colleen who has an Etsy shop here and also a blog. I bought the round cushion a couple of months ago and couldn't resist going back for the others. I just love the wiggly one! Although new, I think they appeal to me because Colleen has very cleverly used just the right combination of colours that somehow make them look more vintage. They are now at home on my sofa, although last night I did chastise A for leaning on them and squashing them. But they're not much good if you can't do that and they did recover ok...phew!

I think I've mentioned before that I can't actually crochet myself but I'd love to learn so I was pleased to find this book a while ago at a book sale for a mere 50p. Well, you can't go wrong can you? Now, this is where things get a bit silly. I had a quick flick through it before I bought it but only when I got home did I realise it was published in 1973 so I've had many a giggle at the pictures and couldn't resist sharing them. So, if you're a sensible person (unlike me) you may want to leave now. Anyway, on with the silliness...

This is Joan. She looks fun.

A lot of the book is taken up with crochetable (I think I just invented a new word) 'fashions'. I use the term lightly.

All I think when I look at this skirt is 'itchy'.

I love granny squares but even I would draw the line at wearing them.

Now, it's one thing to humiliate grown women, but doing it to children is a step too far. A sort of vision in woolly pink spaghetti, I think you'll agree? I had a hat similar to this but I do remember pom-poms being involved.

Speaking of pom-poms...
Why on earth did little girls wear skirts that showed their pants? Put together with knee high socks and legs like luncheon meat, it's not a good look. (I'm ashamed to say I would've been exactly the same age as these poor unfortunate children and did indeed have clothes like this inflicted on me by a well-meaning mother and grandmother)

This is described in the book as a playsuit. I find it a little bit scary, but maybe that's a sign of the times we live in now. Crocheted hotpants were completely innocent on a child back in the 70's....
I know because I wore them.

"It's alright, we won't make you model anymore crocheted playsuits. Just please don't call childline"

She thinks she looks great in her batwing jumper. I think it probably did come off a bat.

This is actually one of those net bags that your onions come in. And what is with that collar?

Ahh, do you remember the days when you used to throw on your crocheted mini dress but forget your pants?

It's so big, it's tipping her over.

"Yes, I always go mucking out in my aztec-style tank top"

Hmmm, but where did the spider go?

More waistcoats...

...they do seem popular with Joan.

No wonder she's smiling. No more modelling crochet for her. She's off to earn a living as a Twiggy 'lookey-likey' as soon as she gets rid of that dodgy wig...

He should be twiddling that moustache, wearing a cape and tying her to a railway line. She's just thinking "I'd rather have the posh car instead of this crocheted vest".

This is more like it. But enough of being sensible, back to the crazy fashions...

I can get on board with the crocheted belts but jewellery...why did that never catch on?

Crocheted bootees...handy for walking the dog or popping to Tesco in.

And of course, what dining table is complete without crocheted candle holders...so practical.

Howsabout a crocheted swimsuit? No?

More of a bikini lover eh? Can you imagine what would happen if these got wet?
This bikini picture shocked the life out of me (and not just for obvious reasons) but because I'm convinced, absolutely convinced, that this is my Auntie Theresa! If it's not her, then she has a doppelganger. She looked exactly like this back in the seventies; same hair, same glasses and she would be the right age. I'm waiting for a denial Theresa!

The seventies eh? Didn't you just love 'em? I may not learn to crochet from this book but it's entertained me no end. Normal service will be resumed next time around, I promise.