Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Despite having been around vintage for many years I've only recently begun to collect and build up my own wardrobe of vintage clothes.
It takes time and a lot of patience, but this is half the fun of course! I don't know how many times I've fallen in love with something only to find it's never going to fit me.
The other concern with vintage clothes, for me at any rate, is worrying every time I put something on. Am I going to drop coffee down it or snag it on a nail?!
I'm really trying to get over this and actually enjoy wearing and not worrying because what's the point of vintage clothes if they just hang in your wardrobe and are not used?
I use the vintage items in my home and vintage clothes should be no different.

While I get together my core wardrobe of vintage items I've found the high street and internet can be useful hunting grounds for pieces that can be mixed and matched along with my vintage items to create an outfit that definitely passes muster.
On top of this I have no need to worry about wear and tear issues and most things are easily washed and ironed.

So here are a few items I've found just recently on my web travels.

I hope these items convey a sense of the 30's through to the 50's, although the 40's are 'my' era.
This is just a small snapshot of what can be found. A little time spent in front of your computer really can throw up some credible vintage alternatives whatever your budget as the mix of retailers below demonstrates, I think you'll agree.
There are also many specialist companies out there selling wonderful repro vintage based on original designs and so I'll probably share those with you another time.